Unique high quality and bespoke aviation themed artefacts for your home, office, business premises or presentation

Safeguarding Exclusivity ...

'As a means of ensuring that the distinctive appeal of our collection is maintained, there is no exact repetition nor automated manufacture - even our limited edition artefacts are individually expressive.


Similar but not the same ... Meaning you not only 'keep up with the Joneses' - you exceed them!


Each artefact is hand created and is finally authenticated by our craftspeople in the form of a unique FlytStyl brand marque with serial number. As part of the assurance to our customers, we also provide each purchaser with a Certificate of Authenticity'.


Origin of FlytStyl


FlytStyl is the joint concept of husband and wife team - Tim and Simone.


Both qualified and experienced in design education and Tim also a qualified and experienced aeronautical engineer in a previous existence. Therefore, within this environment, he had long recognised the functional beauty of the many inannimate components that make up aircraft and their engines.


Shapes and textures that sometimes mimick nature but often have a compelling visual appeal of their own - a perfect paradigm of the classic 'form versus function'.


Like most things mechanical, aircraft eventually have to to be retired from service. It was during Tim's involvement in many end of service engineering projects, that he witnessed the wasteful nature of the scrap metal process on a scale of unimaginable magnitude.


Utilising such legitimate 'scrapped off' material, he created many 'one-off' artefacts over the years to present to relatives on landmark occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and for departing or retiring colleagues. Tim soon realised the unique impact and significance of the gifts he had designed and crafted.


Being both unconventional and novel, the artefacts conveyed more than just being a gift to the recipient - they were often singular tokens of heart felt acknowledgement - which often go on to become cherished objects of pride and affection. Simply not available from mainstream manufacturers and outlets.


Contemporary FlytStyl


The small team at FlytStyl are striving to create the spirit of these very same individually designed artefacts ... Using a greater range of donor material to produce an even larger portfolio of individual, innovative and functional artefacts.


FlytStyl's objective is to offer the customer ever higher options for bespoke design and customisation by engaging with their wishes and reacting to their design brief whilst embedding and maintaining exclusivity.


The Blank Canvas page is intended to invite individuals to view some of the more interesting source material and then challenge the team to interpret their vision by bringing to full realisation the obect of their desire.



Future of FlytStyl


FlytStyl is committed to preserving the unique and novel appeal of its artefacts. By strict adherence to the philosophy of singularity and one-off design, ensures that not only the novelty of the artefact development is protected for future customers, but also the value, integrity and prominence of existing FlytStyl artefacts are maintained on behalf of valued current clients.